Tuesday, May 14, 2013

John Ladd [282]

John Ladd
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

1. This image was taken on a drive on old route 66 enroute from Las Cruces New Mexico to Ruidoso New Mexico. What struck me about this sign is that the old steel panels on this highway sign  have been sandblasted clean... and we were driving in a strong wind and being near White Sands, you could see the layers of dust running parallel to the ground.., stripping the world of  its cover...I wondered what will eventually become of this shimmering sign...i realized I was privy to a sign exchange along with a creosote bush...
copyright 2012 John F Ladd http://www.johnladd.com

2. I live in a transitional neighborhood......this was taken a few years ago in Fairmount historic district, in Fort Worth Texas...

3. She's a nut for sure...but she didn't like the shredder too much....goinksonceilingwithclawsdigginin#

Monday, May 6, 2013