Friday, July 30, 2010

Mudhead Reynolds [44]

Mudhead Reynolds
Payson AZ USA

This is a mudhead I painted under a bridge. Strangely when I visited it I found that people through mud at it.

Michael T. Bullock [43]

Michael T. Bullock
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Found in SoHo, New York City, July 2010

Jennifer Weigel [42]

Jennifer Weigel
St. Louis, MO, USA

I have always loved this sign in St. Charles, MO:
"State Mainenance begins"

Driving across Missouri

Affton, MO in front of my house (the sewer company has since fixed this, so it no longer is so sad)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Susan Shulman [41]

Susan Shulman
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I took this photo in Brooklyn New York at 11 STREET BAR 510. I went to see the opening of Ken Hiratsuka’s exhibition May 14, 2010 and meet up with Klaus Lucka the photographer. This image was outside on the sidewalk. Thought it was the strangest comment! Was the same amazing weekend I met Angela Ferrara, Mark Bloch and William Evertson from A Book About Death!

Heather Dea Jennings [40]

Heather Dea Jennings
Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil

1. Billboard sign for a national family health plan.
2. Advertisement for local cognac: "There's a miracle in here!".

Kathy Slamen [39]

Kathy Slamen
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

God Buns:
Tell me a funny story
No Touching!

God Buns and "Tell me a funny story" were both things I saw during my visits to New York city. This strange and lovely metropolis always has so many mysterious and delightful sights. These were my top two.

No Touching! was taken on a pier in Seattle. I was hoping to have my first seal sighting but this was as close to not touching one as I got...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Andy Ingamells [38]

Andy Ingamells

I took these three photos in Walsall, which used to be in the industrial heartland of England (called the 'Black Country').

I don't know why I chose to photograph them, they aren't really funny or poignant but I don't know the town particularly well and it felt like an interesting way to get to know the place.

Walsall, England. 27.7.2010

Damien Olsen [37]

Damien Olsen
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sunday, July 25, 2010



1. Need for Love
2. Need for Peace

I found these graffiti in Munich, Germany. The artist has sprayed various tanks with different motifs on many surfaces and corners of the walls of that area.

Need for Peace is the one I manipulated digitally adding to the original graffiti the colourful peace signs.

Keith Buchholz [35]

Keith Buchholz
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

As part of the Open Studio tour at Fluxus St. Louis this weekend, artist Jennifer Weigel worked in the front yard of the Artfarm with signs.

I've included 3 shots of her installation, a numbered and signed edition of 100 signs, which could be taken away by visitors.

A glorious day for Fluxus in St. Louis !!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kristina Bell DiTullo [34]

Kristina Bell DiTullo
San Francisco, CA, USA

Andre Shane [33]

Andre Shane
Chicago, IL, USA

I saw this sign in on a large locker in the security area of a fairly large corporation that specializes in accounting and IT consulting.

I initially thought it was a goof or a practical joke, but on closer (not too much closer) inspection realized that this was completely serious.

Why the prevalence of 'soiled pants' at this company? How are the pants usually soiled? What exactly is done with the pants once they are deposited in this locker? All these questions remain unanswered.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Babette Angell [32]

Babette Angell
New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

I was walking around Greensboro, North Carolina, USA where I was staying at ³Elsewhere² ( for an artist in residence program in May 2010, when I saw this very strategic sign in the ground where a dog would like to place some doggy do. The surrounding earth was very clean, so I expect the owners did obey the sign. At home (Australia) I have 3 ex-racing Greyhounds as pets, and I¹m sure they could read the sign if we had one, and remind me to get out the pooper-scooper and bags!

Joan Harrison/ Michael E. Ach [31]

Joan Harrison/ Michael E. Ach
Glen Cove, NY, USA

Alison Safford [30]

Alison Safford
Jamaica Plain, MA, USA

Both are snapshots taken while visiting New York City (Sardines) and Reyjavik (God) respectively. To me, they are both incredibly funny and deeply sad, seemingly opposite emotions which aren't always that far apart.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rene' West [29]

Rene' West
Amarillo, TX, USA

These images are from a series of photographs shot while walking in urban areas. As a photographer, I am attracted to the juxtapositions between advertising, graffiti, litter, textures, and the way erosion blends unrelated images together to form naturally occurring compositions

All images: Rene' West, copyright 2010, all rights reserved

Monday, July 19, 2010

Roberta Faccioli [28]

Roberta Faccioli
Berlin, Deutchland

The meaning of the picture is in the title.

1. Global Village

2. Magic

3. Meditation

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eva Brunner [27]

Eva Brunner
Berlin, Germany

Titel: "Vive la crise"

The crisis being a condition of our times -
an emotional or a mental state - or a restructuring process -
however -"vive la crise"...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Derrick Tyson [26]

Derrick Tyson
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This photograph was taken sometime around 2004, or maybe 2005, but that is beside the point. From my perspective, I had no other choice but to use this particular angle to my advantage (I was looking for anything to supply my photographic "hunger"), and this is what came of it as this woman ordered her food at this old drive-thru restaurant (which has existed since 1950, so said the sign).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lawrence Charles Miller [25]

Lawrence Charles Miller
NYC / Newport, PA, USA

Gray Projects [24]

Gray Projects
Berlin, Germany

Title: "Fire Seat," from Hazards of Modern Living

Hazards of Modern Living
Created by appropriating actual warning signs, "Hazards of Modern Living" comments on the culture of fear in the post-9/11 era. At times absurd or chilling, the signs caution us to avoid dangers such as lightning, falling planes, and drowning—as well as apparently innocuous objects like forks, clocks and sad books.

Huang Min-Chi [23]

Huang Min-Chi
Taipei City, Taiwan

In my family home of Kaohsiung, an industrial city, people and agencies looking for work often write their names and phone numbers on walls in public places, where you would expect to see graffitti. Reflecting on the situation, and my own choice to follow the difficult path of artist, I wrote my name and phone number, and the message, " Do you need a good artist?" No one called. An industrial city does not need an artist ...

Jennifer Kosharek [22]

Jennifer Kosharek
St. Petersburg, FL, USA

'Loads of Fun Laundry" I took this picture in the midldle of no-where Georgia. Quite the irony to me.

"Church" was spray painted outside of a church in Little Italy, New York City... on the curb. Many have kicked, "Church," to the curb.

"Bumper sticker"... now I know from experience that Welfare AND building permits are hard to get. The government makes everything difficult. I took this pic in my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL.

Diane Gaudreau [21]

Diane Gaudreau
Rustico, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Old Fart Parking
I discovered this sign in a cottage parking lot in Prince Edward Island. A retired couple owned the cottage.........

The Power Within
Natural History Museum - London, UK

Discovered this sign in a surreal escalator ride at the Natural History Museum in London, UK.

We're Sorry to Announce the Death of Mr Credit - by Management

I discovered this great little sign in a petitel store in a very small village in Saint Lucia! It was a generational family run mini store which was a step back in time to the 1800's and probably the same family ran it all those years. All the products where kept behind the counter so you had to ask for the items you required! Obviously one day this lovely family decided they had had enough of Mr. Credit......every small corner store owner can appreciate that!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Imma Sicurezza [20]

Imma Sicurezza
Naples (Italy)

Photographed at "Aquarium of the Bay" in San Francisco (USA), August 2009. Jellyfish float trapped in a cylindrical tank. The Nature is put under glass but, given the ongoing ecological disasters (see BP's Deepwater Horizon Disaster), not to be protected by man.

Photographed in California (USA), August 2009. The inner monsters, looking at themselves in the mirror, are closer than they appear.

Photographed in Hyde Park (London), December 2008.
The Shadow of Human Nature Vs. Nature's looming shadow. It's already getting its revenge