Monday, July 5, 2010

Betty Esperanza [8]

Betty Esperanza - BeNude
Montreal, Quebec - CANADA

A friend unknowingly booked our flights on a 10 seater Cessna last minute from Plattsburgh to Boston with Cape Air or what I affectionately nicknamed: Cape Fear. I realized that there was only one way in or out and noticed the instructions on the wing...and wondered if it came down to it, would I be able to perform a Flyaway Dismount from my gymnastics days as a teenager!

On a night where the full moon took stage, Nuit Blanche Montreal streets were filled with over 100,000 night owls and insomniacs who participated in a 24 hour feast of open cafes, bistros, art galleries, museums and night shows. I took this photo on Saint Laurent Boulevard and if you think the outside is strange, wait until you get inside.

FROSH WEEK is the only time McGill University students in Montreal are encouraged to be LOUD-OBNOXIOUS-POLITICALLY INCORRECT AND CHEESY...when they finish their studies 3 years from now...most will have been brainwashed into conformity and will look back at these photos with envy. THE REST WILL CHANGE THE WORLD! Wishing you ALL the latter. SO HONK IF YOU'RE HORNY !


Do one thing a day that scares you...BeNude!

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