Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Neil de la Peña [405]

Neil de la Peña
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Certainly part of the inspiration is visceral, thus impossible to explain. So don't try to follow along too closely to the following:

What struck me, what overpowered me, when I took the shot was all the mythical, macho, iconography but those words seemed too on the nose. Normally "TV Land" describes what's going on, in the TV. But we seem really naive when they know they can sell product by giving us a "TV Land" in reality land.

For example when Snowden first blew up everyone found it very important to first figure out if he was a "hero" like Elsberg, or was he a traitor. To me whether or not he was a hero should have been an after thought, the data and what it showed was the issue. But that is not what TV Land teaches us to find important. Finding heroes that look and remind of us TV Land "Heroes" is what counts and keeps us going. We are such schmucks!

Like I said, largely visceral. Understandable that you might have not felt it. Hopefully some part of it, hit others like it hit me.--not that this is the first time I thought of this, it was the example that hit me hard.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Melanie Hedlund [404]

Melanie Hedlund
pays taxes in the town where the shot was heard around the world, USA

"Work" :: December 17, 2015