Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adrienne Campbell [85]

Adrienne Campbell
Somewhere in Arizona, USA

1. The Yukon sign was taken while on a trip to Alaska--nothing to ironic about it.

2. The Cola sign was taken at Gold Field, an old mining camp in Arizona, just outside Phoenix.

3. The building sign was taken in Globe, Arizona. It currently is a cigar store, but obviously has had a long history of various businesses.

The Yukon sign was shot with a Fuji S-2. (Alas it died a horrible dead senor death and I cried b/c the colors were so vibrant). This is the Yukon in June! This photographs doesn't show the snow caps, but it felt good to be out of the Phoenix summer heat of 110!.

The other two photographs were shot with Nikon D-90.
The cola signs is at Gold Field, AZ which is a mining town that has been revived as a tourist spot. Things are still pretty slow there though.
The wall signs formed some interesting "art" as each successive proprietor of that location painted on the alley wall of this corner store. Today it lives as a cigar store. The location is Globe, AZ a little more than 60 miles outside Phoenix.

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