Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lucy Watson [149]

Lucy Watson
Allston, MA, USA

This series of pictures is inspired by my life in the Butcher Shop AKA many names. It is an anomaly of the Boston area. It is a house where kids put on shows. A rare place here. It actually began as a performance art venue a few years ago but the feeling of the house changes over time depending on who moves in. Drone, Noise, Art Damaged, Hardcore punk, Witch House. The butcher shop has seen a lot. It survives because of it's benevolent landlord that I know only as Zhou. Thats who I sign my checks over to. This is a scene that happened after a hardcore punk / pop punk show happened.

I don't know Will Mayo very well personally but he is a sign of a very specific time. He is one of the few older members of the Butcher Shop/ Boston music scene. An old fish in a small pond. A living relic. Like the great Marlin. His body tells the tale of times long past. He is haunted with the energy of the house as the house is haunted by him.

This is a photo of Ringer Park in the snow near the Butcher Shop. I don't think the painters were BS residents but the energy of the house does not rest within it's walls. It combines with the energies of the other show houses in the area: Problem house, Gay Gardens, Wacky Castle, House of 100000000 smiles. Instilling anxiety ridden youth with the impetus to create banners of their own power and psychology. However ganja derived that psychology may be.

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