Friday, July 15, 2011

Karen Krolak [182]

Karen Krolak
Somerville, MA - USA
Monkeyhouse Founder/Artistic Director

While attending a workshop with Simone Forti in Orvieto, Italy, I tumbled into love with psychogeography. Sometimes my meandering evolves into movement phrases, textile pieces, poetic texts, or soundscapes. Other days I merely gather images on my phone to send as silly missives to friends.

For the love of pigs and chickens, I can not remember where I happened upon the first sign. It instantly reminded me of the first pages of The Little Prince. About a year later, I was in San Francisco performing with Anne Bluethenthal. I found the missing snake notice fluttering among some signs for sublets on a telephone pole near her home. I was charmed by the description of spots under the chin as if the average passer-by might stop and snuggle up to it like a puppy or a kitten.

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