Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alison Safford [345]

Alison Safford
Boston, MA, USA

1. from park along the Emscher River In Germany (Where Emscherkunst art show was) in a post-industrial area near Essen (amazing cultural corridor at this point). Sign by the canal, full of really nasty oily sludgy water that smelled not just foul, but chemically foul. I believe the sign said something about certain death after a while. Obviously nothing good came of this canal and it's contents.

Lebensgefahr-"Danger to Life"

2. Extra Breed-sign at Albert Heijn grocery store in the Netherlands, I know what it means, but I like to think it's telling people to have more children

3. Amerika = potato chips (Bratislava, Slovakia)

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