Monday, August 29, 2011

Chad Sines [217]

Chad Sines
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Born 1974

Suggestions of rescue only serve as a reminder. In deconstructing the realities, we reveal a changing configuration. Daily existence manifests resultant of the fate of man, in filtering this, we gain a better understanding as the role of repetition is paramount. Has the apocalypse already happened? While the objects are randomly associated with each other, discarded and nontraditional materials give new contextualization and serve as components in a larger work. In exchanging ideas, traditional notions of painting and support, overall use is to serve as metaphors in an effort to reclaim and salvage forgone personal hopes , aspirations and relationships, in cataloging and decoding the past. In the aspect of survival, we are left searching through the desecrated and abandoned desolated urban landscape, once filled with the vigor of human civilization. Scavengers reduced to survivalism, are overcome by the catastrophe. What is left is challenge, overwhelming experience that cuts as a threat to man’s own hand in the existence of life for mankind. Once thriving and considered as the highest functioning and dominant form of life, it is the modern evolution- resultant hominid that is left to histrionics from the monstrosity of nature. The only force left to stabilize and preserve society is that played by the hero. It is only through heroism that humanity may be saved and preserved in structure and functionality. Reform is necessity to rise from the ashes of desecration and through selflessness it is the hero that manifests.

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