Friday, August 20, 2010

John Ladd [62]

John Ladd
Fort Worth, texas, USA

1. Wisdom
I shot this photograph on US 287 near a ghost town just outside of Quanah Texas....I followed this storm 140 miles to this intersection...and as i watched the skies unfold, this storm went from a classic thunderstorm to an arching bucking tornadically violent beast in about 5 minutes...there's no rhyme or reason other than I prepared myself to catch up with storm from amarillo headed back to fort worth and this spot was just about half way. I think that's what's significant...

2. Danger
This photograph of a Danger Sign in Pamlico Sound is always a study when staying there in Rodanthe North date not one of my fellow kitesurfers has ever hit the sign which is really what's dangerous. The sign is warning us about itself...


Wisdom and Danger are both the property of John Ladd. Copyright 2010

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