Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miodrag Kojadinović [67]

Miodrag Kojadinović
Nomadic (North America<->Europe<->East/South East Asia)

Pic # 1. Sign on the gate of a foot path in Qin Xiu Shan provincial park in Guangxi-Zhuang Autonomous Province leading to a Buddhist temple. Of course, in terms of being a "sign", this coloured engraving is devoid of meaning to many people, not only foreigners. A not insignificant number of elderly Chinese people, especially minority women in rural areas, cannot read, which is a kind of logical when you need at the very least 2100 signs to be functionally literate, something most rural kids in the 1940s/50s simply could not afford to spend years on learning.

Pic # 2. "The system is fictitious, it's created by humans; we lack imagination!" -- A desperate cry of a) a spiritual artist / b) facade destroying hooligan [pse. circle one] in the heart of Lisbon downtown

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