Saturday, August 28, 2010

Steve Messam [70]

Steve Messam
North Stainmore, Cumbria. UK.

As part of my practice I have made, and also been commissioned to make, roadsigns. My signs are based on actual Ministry of Transport designs and conform to their specifications. Only difference is mine are fictitious and probably illegal (oops!).

Anyway, here's two of my own signs and one found sign.

1. At Low Sizergh Farm, Cumbria. 2006.
'Little Folk' is a local term for fairies, goblins and the like. they live on the farm.

2. This is on the Cumbria / North Yorkshire border in Northern England. The border is significant locally as no buses cross the border. the phone books, TV stations and road maintenance all stop here. From the Cumbria side we have no idea what happens on the other side of this arbitory line.

3. This was found in the grounds of the art gallery in Durham, England. The area used to be the biggest coal industry in the world until the government shut down the mines in the 1980's. Consequently much of the area still has remnants of the coal pits. I guess this is the origin of the phrase.

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